Budapest Pinball Museum

Security camera footage outside the Budapest Pinball Museum in Hungary have been confirmed to show Josh entering last week. After speaking with museum staff, we can also confirm that the highest known score ever recorded on the original Indian Jones pinball machine was played during the time of his visit.  We can only assume this was Josh due to his years of experience on the World Pinball Circuit. This was actually his life ambition until he discovered competitive tight rope walking in the mid 90’s.

Josh is definitely on the move and we can’t be sure if this latest sighting has anything to do with the quest for the forgotten spice. Our guess is that he needed a break, but who knows? Maybe there was a vital clue that could only be found at that location.

Security camera footage obtained by Five Finger Jerky (we have connections) show Josh leaving the museum accompanied by what appeared to be a circus clown carrying a mannequin and a chinchilla on a leash. Does anyone know what this means?

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