Casablanca Plus Size Fashion Show

Last night we received a call from our illusive founder Josh.  He called us collect from a pay phone in Morocco claiming that he was now fully convinced of the existence of the forgotten spice.  While we can’t divulge all of the details, part of his quest involved a plus-size Casablanca fashion show where a runway model with intimate knowledge of the spice was working.  He told us that he was able acquire the information through a few  rigorous rounds of hypnotism followed by what he called a “tickle-fest.”   He mentioned something about having a scuba mask from his time in Romania and how it came in handy.  We don’t even want to think about what that means.

He indicated that he is on his way out of the country but did not mention where he is headed next.  One thing is for sure, he sounds more energized and focused than we have seen in years.  As the days turn to weeks…we await his safe return.

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